Cabbage Day

We got all of our vegetables today since it  seems to have been cabbage day.

I bought some kimchi and we had what I call Kimchi Reubens for lunch.

Kimchi Reuben – Serves one

Two slices rye bread

2-3 ounces roast beef or roast turkey

1/2 cup kimchi (we like medium spicy)

1 slice reduced fat cheddar cheese

Top one slice of rye bread with the meat, then kimchi, then cheese.  Broil or toast both the stack and the other slice of bread.  Eat it up, yum.

There is a food writer in the Washington Post, Joe Yonan, who claims his friends accuse him of putting kimchi in everything.  We are not quite there but it is true that sometimes we get on a kimchi binge and then look out.  I will hunt the internet for recipes and sometimes I make my own.

For dinner we had a risotto with shredded cabbage and sweet Italian sausage.

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