Dinner and a Movie

… at home.  We watched RED 2.  This is great stuff for we middle aged types.  Not too violent and noisy but entertaining.  I still think Bruce Willis is funny and interesting and who knew John Malkovich could be so funny.  He plays this loony RED to the max.

We had one of our favorites for dinner.  First I broiled some roasted piquillo peppers stuffed with goat cheese.  Then we followed that up with a balsamic tossed arugula salad wrapped in a lavosh that has been sent under the broiler to melt its Gruyère cheese topping.  I adapted this from a recipe in a cookbook called Mediterranean Cooking the Healthful Way by Marlena Spieler.  I love this cookbook.  It has wonderful Mediterranean recipes that are simple, full of vegetables, and reflect the Mediterranean diet, written long before that was the thing.  I have several of Spieler’s cookbooks and everyone is just as good.

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