Concerts Concerts Concerts

We have been cooped up for two years and this summer everyone seems to be going on tour. We are participating. This post will be updated as the summer goes on.

May 7 – Chopteeth Afro Funk Band –

Afro-beat is something I love so this band is right up my alley. If you know Fela Kuti, then this is in that genre. Chopteeth is a local band we discovered at the local strawberry festival a few years ago and we try to see them when we can. This time the show was at The Hamilton, a restaurant/night club in downtown D.C. They have bongos, horns, and guitar all with an African rhythm for a dancing feel good show. I am always happy after I see them. You can’t not be. The music is just fun. Here is a video to get a taste of it. I adore that bongo player.

June 3 – Kool and the Gang and The Time. This was an interesting show. Matt wanted to see The Time. Kool and the Gang was kind of an afterthought. They were both really good. You don’t realize how many hits Kool and the Gang had until you watch them go through their catalog. “Celebration” which we all know from sports events. “Jungle Boogie,” which they turned into a riotous dance jam. Hollywood Swinging. The list goes one. Good time was had by all.

June 18 – Trombone Shorty and his Voodoo Threauxdown Tour at Wolf Trap. Okay okay. I love horns. I especially love the trombone. I think it goes back to Frank Demond from Preservation Hall Jazz Band. I loved that guy. Interesting fact–my husband is a trombone player. I did not know that when I married him. But yep, he is a musician.

So seeing Trombone Shorty is a no brainer. And man can this guy play trombone. And trumpet and tuba. And drums and organ. Holy moly. Troy Andrews a.k.a. Trombone Shorty was a child prodigy. He started playing the trombone at the age of four and was leading a band by the age of six. How is that even possible?

The Threauxdown was a mini-festival that we pretty much missed for a lot of reasons, mostly that I was having a bad day and just could not get focused. So we missed the other bands playing on the tour. But we did see Mr. Andrews and he just blasted that trombone for two hours of dancing fun. His music is funk and contemporary New Orleans jazz. What does that mean? Whatever Shorty wants it to. He plays all sorts of music, mostly funky or jazzy funk, but he stretches boundaries. Here is a sample.

I have hearing loss in my left ear from a blast of music I took at a concert several years ago. They tried but there was no saving the hearing. I am not deaf but there is a distinct loss for some ranges (mostly Matt’s range. I can never hear what he says). To prevent further loss, the audiologist wants me to wear ear plugs at concerts. Normally I do. But they muffle horns and that was not welcome with this band, so out came the ear plugs. I had to hear that groove!

June 19 – Tears for Fears. This was a full concert weekend. Tonight we saw Garbage (yes, that is the name of a band) and Tears for Fears. Matt’s pick, of course. Garbage was way more interesting than I expected. Very punk and I like that. Tears for Fears is very pop. I’m okay with it and I think I knew maybe one or two songs. But mostly I just played with my phone.

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