Bangkok Noodles

Holy moly, I need to put a warning label on that green curry paste from the Korean store.  Caution:  HOT!!!

I cooked up Nicole Routhier’s Bangkok Noodles for dinner.  It is a lovely amalgamation of rice noodles, shrimp, coconut milk, and pineapple from her Fruit Cookbook.  The recipe calls for yellow curry.  I did not have it so I went with Thai green curry paste.  Yikes!  I thought my lips were going to fall off.  I tried chugging beer with it but that did not help much.   I gulped it down but it was pretty painful.  Matt was in such distress he finally gave up and asked me to rinse his noodles to clean off most of the curry.

Why do we eat hot foods?  Why?  Because our brain doesn’t know any better or if it does know better, it just doesn’t care.  By the time the tongue gets the message up there, it is too late.

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