Free Style Love Supreme – May 14

freestyle love supreme

Sometimes I read about something and just say to myself, self, we need to do that. This is why we went to see Free Style Love Supreme. A show created by Lin-Manual Miranda, its an improvisational hip hop show. I read that Christopher Jackson, who will always be my George Washington, was going to participate. Oh, Chris Jackson, who has the voice of an angel and, in my view could sing the phone book and make it sound great. [Aside: Does that statement mean anything in today’s world? What else is boring but if a person sang it, it would be interesting? Get back to me.] So, why not?

I had no idea what to expect but off we went. I am not a hip hop fan but this was hilarious. The premise is that the singers/rappers and a beat boxer involve the audience, asking them to tell them stories or suggest words that the improv group then turns into a song right there. In this one, they sang about toothbrushes among other fun turns. What a great time. There is a documentary about it, which I have not seen but now very much need to.

improv hip hop–Jackson on the right.

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