Crowns – “I suddenly discovered something I did not know existed and now I cannot live without!”


Sometimes I get on Etsy and I am looking for something specific and one thing leads to another and I am on some website I had no intention of visiting, looking at things I never had any intention of buying. As Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes once said about catalogs coming in the mail, “I suddenly discovered something I did not know existed and now I cannot live without!”

This journey led me to buy some outrageously gaudy earrings that are so over the top I just giggle while I wear them.  They just make me feel alive and present.

But then I really went for it and bought the crowns with matching earrings.










But Marsha, where do you wear them?  Right now, around the house. But trust me—that strawberry crown and matching earrings will be on my head when we head to the strawberry festival next year (virus willing).

This lovely gentleman from FestyDesigns just produces the blingiest accessories you ever will see.

Diane Von Furstenburg and Me

DVF dress

When I get stressed which is..okay all the time…I shop on-line.  A while back I went on a bit of a buying binge of Diane von Furstenburg wrap dresses.  I am not sure what set me off.  But I must have seen someone in a DVF dress, remembered them as flattering and set off to find one.  I am not sure how many dresses later but now I have closet full of really wonderful DVF dresses (Don’t be too impressed.  Most are “like new” or “new with tags” which I think means someone went to a store and bought it off the sales rack to resale it for more money on Ebay or Poshmark.  No matter.  None were full price.)

But with COVID-19, now what?  I have nowhere to go to show off my dresses. That means I just have to wear the dresses at home.  Or actually to Walmart to buy paper towels.  Yes, I went off to Walmart in my DVF dress.  Here I am showing it off.  This one is vintage.  It has lady bugs on it. I thought it was fun.  I did dress down with plain sandals so I was not too flashy while I stood in the checkout line!

Our Backyard

I thought you might like to see some of the visitors we have had this year.  Oddly, there are few frogs and toads this year which is beginning to alarm me.  When we first moved here, I would see half dozen or more at night.  But not now.  The groundhog is back, but no picture.  He is pretty shy and if he has any sense I am around he runs, his belly wobbling between his legs.  We have not seen the fox since the spring.  We always worry he has been run over by a car or something.  We can hear the owl but never see him.  I am very tempted to put out some meat and a night camera to see if I can get a sight of him.  There are deer everywhere and who cares?  Nuisances really.

I accidently killed the turtle that lived in our yard.  He got caught up in some netting I had put over my blueberry bush.  I cried long and hard about that and I gave him a proper burial while I sobbed.  That was hard.  It was heart breaking to find him.  I saw him every year hiding in the flowers and we would have a lovely talk.

Bluebirds are just beautiful.

Blue bird


Then there is the pileated woodpecker that is so much a dinosaur.


And my favorite, the sharp shinned hawk.  In this picture he is still young.  Now he soars over the house and his shadow crosses my window looking out from my desk to the backyard.    He hunts the bird feeder, which is okay by me.  There are red tailed hawks around too.  You can hear them and the birds chase after them in the sky.  But they don’t come to the feeders.

Hawk 2

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