February 13 – Curling

            Many years ago, I fell in love with curling.  It was the 2006 Olympics.   It was back in the day when there was no streaming.  To watch curling, you had to watch it in the middle of the might.  I had had shoulder surgery and I was sleeping weird hours and I was on drugs.  When I watch the Olympics I like to watch random events just to see what a sport is all about.  I started to watch curling and I was completely hooked.  It could have been the drugs but whatever it was, I became obsessed.  Anette Norberg was the skip.  She was cool-headed and a really good curler.  I loved that woman.  I would talk about it in the morning.  At first, Matt thought I was nuts.  Curling?  That boring Canadian game?  No.  First it is Scottish in origin and second, it is a chess match.  Once he watched it, well, he too became a fanatic.  

            We wish we could get curling here on ESPN+ or something but that never comes to fruition despite the popularityof the sport during the Olympics.  So we have to wait four years for it to come back to our tv.  We are then glued to the matches.  This year, the Japanese women’s team was our favorite.  Little sprites chattering and laughing.  I swear they lost Gold because they were not having fun.  

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