February 12 – Walk About and Shopping Carts

            Sometimes on the weekend, Matt and I go on what we call “walk about.”  It is running errands but inevitably, the errands lead us to places we never intended.  This weekend, we went off to the car wash.  

           It turned out I needed a few things from the grocery store.  We were near an Aldi.  Aldi’s is a German company.  I’ve never been to an Aldi, and I thought this would be an opportunity. But I never made it past the front door.  The grocery carts were locked and could be freed only with a deposit of a quarter, which would be refunded to me when I returned the cart.  I can only assume the intention is to prevent people from walking away with the carts.  But would a quarter really stop a cart thief?  Maybe in Germany that works.  But maybe taking that cart and walking off with it is worth a quarter.  I don’t know.  

            Well, it did not matter.  I did not have a quarter.  In fact, I wondered who in this day carries around change of any kind.  I searched in vain for a hand basket or something to carry around the few items I needed.  Nothing.  I decided I did not care enough and if Aldi really needed my quarter to enable to me to use a cart, then they were not for me.  

            We continued on our walk about.  

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