February 7 – I Believe in Science

History through t-shirts

            I have boxes and boxes of old t-shirts that I keep as mementos.  As I look back, I am dismayed at how things have gotten so out of hand.  I have two shirts in particular that just amaze me.  One says “I Believe in Science” and the other says  “March for Science.”  How dumb and how absurd is it that we marched to say we support scientists? We actually had to march in the streets to argue that science was valid.  We had to stand up for science in this warped world where no-nothings think they can find all the answers in some rabbit hole on the internet.  At the time the protests were about Trump and the GOP talking down climate change and rejecting scientific predictions.  But it was also about the effort by Trump to weaken environmental laws by adopting regulations that would discount “scientific theory.”  

Sadly, marching makes no difference in today’s world. It is cathartic. I love to march and have my voice heard. Unfortunately, it is only heard by the like minded people around me. Politicians have learned to just ignore it or spin it away as nothing more than radical extremists blah blah blah. So I have concluded that protesting and marching does not really move the needle in relation to the people who you want desperately to listen. I am not against protesting. It feels good. I just know that in the end, it is pointless.

We marched for science and they went ahead and did whatever they wanted–revoked and decimated environmental laws, ignored climate change, and rejected scientific evidence when it suited them. Little did we know at the time that the war on science was only starting and that COVID would make those days look serene. 

            Jesus, we are so fucked up.

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