February 6 – Green House

            Matt often knows what I want before I do.  As a present for my being a caregiver, he bought me a small greenhouse.  He paid for two guys to come and put it together.  He knew I would try myself if he did not get someone to come by.  I am glad he did.  The cussing factor on this thing was pretty high judging by what I saw these two guys wrestle with.  But by golly, they got it done.  

            Over the summer it sat empty since all of my plants sit on the patio. But usually in winter,  I bring the plants indoors and try to find places near the windows.  It gets pretty tight.  I also now have the added fun of a cat that likes to eat plants.  This year, instead of bringing them into the house, I am keeping them in their own warm and cozy house with a heater. Outside it is 20 degrees inside it is a nice 40 degrees. Just enough warmth to keep them happy. Added bonus – JoJo can’t eat them.  

Here is a look:

Happy Geraniums
Bay leaf bush.

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