February 4 –  Every Day is Exactly the Same.


 “I believe I can see the future
‘Cause I repeat the same routine”

(Trent always knows how to put his finger on it.) 

            Gosh, this is boring. I do feel like I am in a routine rut. Is it because I am just getting older and there are things that have to be done? Like cleaning or taking out the trash. Day after day after day. It never ever stops. I exercise everyday. Don’t get me wrong. I love to exercise. But I have been doing it for a very long time and I need to break up the routine of it.

One reason is that the activities that break things up are not possible right now. Matt and I do a few things—we go to plays, we go to concerts, we travel, and we go out to restaurants.  In the summer we add in trips to the pick your own farm where we revel in nature.  Medical issues, winter, and COVID have pretty much stopped these activities.  Plays have been cancelled,  Travel has had to stop because of our various medical issues, and we continue to be wary of restaurants because they have all gone back to “normal.”  

            We went to a concert and it was pretty weird.  Proof of vaccination or negative test required but alas, most of the crowd was drinking or holding glasses and pretending to be drinking so they did not have to wear a mask. From there is was shouting to talk and singing without masks.  I do not think that I am paranoid but when you have nearly a million people dead, I just don’t think it is asking too much for people to exercise some consideration for their fellow man. 

Do I wish it was over? Sure. But we cannot wish it away. Would I like to live with it? Sure. But what does that mean? I don’t think anyone really knows. What I do know is that not enough people are vaccinated, there are a lot of people who are dead and a lot more who became sick and have not fully recovered. Going out to eat is not worth it. And isn’t that what a risk assessment is? Asking yourself, is it worth the risk? Usually the answer is, not really. The other option is being bored. I guess I’ll take it.

COVID is just making it that much more obvious that we are all stuck to some extent. Even if COVID were not around, I cannot help but think that there comes a point in life where you have been doing the same thing for so long, you become numb to it all. I think this is one cause of the great resignation. COVID has made us all more aware of time, its value and how we use it.

I really need to shake things up.

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