January 2, 2022 – Is it January?

January 2, 2022 next to the cherry tree


            I don’t like to leave up the Christmas lights after the holiday is over.  I always take down everything on the New Year’s weekend.  This year was weird because the weather was so warm that we were outside with no coats.  While Matt took down the lights, I raked leaves.  In January.

            To explain, I have a sweet gum tree that does not even turn orange until well into November or early December.  It just stays green.  So I wait and wait for it to drop its leaves.  Once it goes, then I rake everything. Sometimes if the leaves fall too late in the year, I just let it go and I don’t rake.  This year the leaves fell in December. I had written it off but we had a rainstorm, and the rushing water washed the leaves into the culvert in front of our house, threatening to clog up the drains. I did not want that to backup so I went to work raking.  In January.  

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