January 1, 2022 – New Year’s Day at the Hirshhorn


Detail of a Room decorated with stuff like this!
It was overwhelming.


It was a miserable day weatherwise—overcast, sprinkles and unseasonably warm, almost humid.  We were walking around on a January day in t-shirts with no coats.  We decided to blow off whatever chores we had and went to the Hirshhorn to see the Laurie Anderson exhibit.  It was more of a retrospective of her life’s work. Anderson uses mixed-media and she includes a lot of video and writing.  This was going to take time and we just ran out of attention span.  Words.  Lots of words, spoken or written. Did I mention words?  It was a lot to take in.  We needed at least two or three hours, we had a little over an hour.  Each room had five or six different pieces all needing study.  It was just too much.  I needed a chair to contemplate.  Matt needed a chair just to rest his feet.  There were none to be had.  We gave up on the other exhibit we wanted to take in and went home.    

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