The Chain Saw


The change in climate is not helping our trees. We have hemlocks. They suffer in the mid-Atlantic as it is. We get diseases, bugs. I spend a lot of money trying to keep them healthy. But one was dying a slow death and I decided to put it out of its misery. I could have called a tree company to cut it down but that was going to cost quite a lot of money seeing as it was a 20 footer. I decided to buy a chain saw and cut it down myself. Then I channeled Dubya and cut up the brush. I could have cut it with the lopper but why when I have a chain saw?!

Matt was very worried that I was going to let this tree fall onto our fence or even worse our neighbor’s house. I assured him I was my father’s daughter and I could control where it would fall. And I did. It fell smack dab between the oak tree and some bushes. I was more concerned about the chain saw itself. I have a fear of anything with a spinning blade. Even table saws make me nervous.

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