Dorrance Dance

Kennedy Center

At this point it is almost becoming a tradition that Matt and I see Dorrance Dance in December. Back in the Before COVID (BC) times, we would go to New York in December. The impetus for the trip was always a Dorrance Dance show. We would tack on a play and some ridiculously delicious and sensory overwhelming dinner at Aquavit and then merrily take the train home.

But alas, this is the COVID Times and going to New York was not really in the cards. But that was okay because Michelle Dorrance brought her troupe to us. Dorrance Dance is a tap dance company. But not just tap dancing. This is spirited choreography that takes the percussion to new levels. It is masterful and imaginative at its core. Plus, it just makes a person smile. You cannot be sad watching tap dancers. It is a feel good experience. If you ever have the opportunity, just go.

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