Missed Celebrations


25th anniv#1
25th Anniversary (in the drawing room!)

Yes, we are all missing something during this time of shut in. For us, it was milestone celebrations.  We had two.  Matt turned 50 in March.  It was right as the crisis started so we had no opportunity for a party or to go out for a fine meal.  I made him a nice dinner, but it is not the same as going out for a big splurge meal with fifteen tastings and you roll out of the restaurant wishing you had not eaten all of that food and drunk all of that wine.  Someday that pleasure will return.

Then we had our 25th wedding anniversary in May.  Again, no parties.  No visits.  I made a nice dinner.  This time it was close to a splurge.  I found sea urchin on the internet and I made spicy sea urchin pasta, one of our favorites.  We first tried sea urchin as a pasta sauce in Positano Italy.  Sea urchin, known as uni in Japanese cuisine, is often served as sushi.  So we knew we loved it.  After we had it on pasta, we were completely hooked on a new way of eating it.  So we roamed around Italy looking for more.  Sea urchins have large spines like a porcupine and can do some damage if you step on one.  They can also be an invasive species and they are wiping out the kelp forests off the coast of California.  So it is good to eat them.

We are hoping that when this is finally over we will have a multi-purpose party/celebration for all that we missed. Better late than never.

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