Matt bakes a cherry pie

Matt pie#1pie2

Inspired by the Great British Baking Show, Matt took up baking.  Every year we go off to the pick your own farm to pick tart cherries.  This year was a bumper crop. There is a zen to picking fruit. Sounds, concentration, attention in the moment. Once the picking gets started, it is very hard to stop.  In this case, the trees were so loaded that we did not even need to move.  We just cleaned off two trees and called it a day. Now we are swimming in cherries.

Matt turned some of them into a pie.  It is called a double bake pie because you cook the shell empty, then fill it, then cook it again.  Because the crust is baked and then filled, it stays nice a flaky and does not get mushy. It was yummy and pretty too.

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