March 15

I started working on the yard today.  The previous owners had a real love of boring plants.  If the plant was green only, then they planted it.  There are hedges and bushes everywhere that do nothing.  I like bushes that do things.  They had planted some boxwood type bushes around the mail box.  I tore them out and planted heather.  Nice pink flowers in the early spring and deer do not eat them.

Matt is sick so I went to A&J’s for some soup, our new favorite comfort food.  Then we watched Nebraska, an Oscar nominated film with Bruce Dern.  I was never a big fan of his, but he did well in this movie, playing an old man who is slowly losing his memory.  He takes a road trip with his son to cash in a prize that has come in the mail.  He did not really win anything but his son cannot seem to convince him otherwise.  So off they go to collect the prize.

There are going to be a lot of movies about Alzheimer’s disease in the coming years.  Having already lived through it, I have now come out on the other side.  I can sympathize but I don’t weep any longer.

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