The Suit

The Kennedy Center is having a month long series  called the World Stages Festival.  We bought tickets to a few of the plays.  Tonight we saw “The Suit.”  Based on a short story by a South African writer, a man discovers his wife is having an affair.   Her lover leaves his behind suit and as punishment, her husband makes her treat the suit as an honored guest.  The suit sits down to dinner, she dances with it, they take it for a walk.  All to remind her of her infidelity.  Soon the wife comes to appreciate her husband and she seeks his forgiveness.  But he fails to recognize the change in her and he continues to torment her.

The scenery was minimalist  but the acting, particularly that of the wife was perfect.  The best part–the play was short.  A little over an hour.  And for us, that was perfect.

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