Rustic Pastichio in Cucina Italiana

            You are going to hear a lot about me cooking recipes from this magazine.  I study it every month.  Today, I was smitten with a recipe for a rustic pastichio made of cabbage, lentils, fennel and gruyere cheese. Unfortunately it is not on their website or I’d post the link.  Look out for the November 2013 issue.  The lentils were cooked in a tomato-based sauce and then thickened with cheese.  They called for marscapone but I do it healthy so I used lite cream cheese instead.  Savoy cabbage leaves were separated and cooked.  The leaves lined the casserole dish.  Into the casserole went the lentils, a layer of fennel that had been cooked with lemons and then a topping of gruyere cheese.  A few layers later, I closed the top with the cabbage leaves, put another heaping of gruyere and parmesan on top and bake.  Good Lord, was it good.  The lentils and the cabbage meshed completely and, of course, cheese makes everything better.  I served it with some crusty bread and we ate in absolute silence because we were so busy scarfing it down.

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