February 17 – The Crows


            Crows love peanuts.  I feed the birds regularly because we get some really good visitors.  Every bird has its favorite food.  The woodpeckers love the suet, the blue birds love mealworms.  The goldfinches are crazy for sunflower seeds.  Blue jays like corn and mealworms. 

            But the crows.  Well, get out of the way everybody because they have called first dibs on the peanuts.  I toss out peanuts in their shells.  As I am putting them out, one crow will start calling, letting everyone know that the nice Mrs. Lady is putting out the peanuts.  When I go inside they arrive in twos and threes.  They are fascinating to watch.  Some like to soak their peanuts in the bird bath.  Some will try to get three in their beaks (none manage it but gosh they do try).  It does not take them long to clean up the yard.  

            Sometimes I toss out shelled peanuts.  They eat them but not with the same joy.  I cannot say that for the fox I saw munching away on shelled peanuts one day.  Who knew foxes liked peanuts?

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