January 6 – My Christmas Present

My own Ganesha shrine

            Matt is an over-the-top kind of guy.  I casually mentioned that I wanted a Ganesha statue.  I was thinking along the lines of a cute little guy I could stand near the fireplace.  Matt bought me a Ganesha for Christmas (once again mixing those religions).   Here it is.  See?  Over the top.  But hey, I love it!            Don’t know Ganesha?  He is a Hindu God with the Head of an elephant.  He has a very complicated back story but he is probably the most beloved of all Hindu Gods.  He is the remover of obstacles and has his own wikipage

January 5 – CVS is Hell

 Let’s be honest, dealing with the pharmacy at CVS is torture.  It is what I imagine hell will be–eternity spent waiting for your prescription to be ready.  Our CVS is always busy, busy, busy.  There is usually a line for the pharmacy counter while the four or five women behind the counter run around like mad processing prescriptions.  A constant voice hovers over them repeating, “Pharmacy call on line 1,” … “Pharmacy call on line 1,”which they are very astute at ignoring.  I know to never, ever call because I will be on the other end of that line waiting for someone to pick up.  It is easier to just drive over and stand in line. At least they can’t ignore me (much). 

            Today the waiting customers looked defeated.  But one guy is unwilling to accept the attitude and keeps going up to the counter asking about his prescription.  The overworked and stressed-out pharmacy clerk who looks like she just needs a break tries to explain to him that they are working on it.  But you said it would be ready in half an hour and it is almost an hour, he argues.  She did not flinch.  I really feel for the clerks.  I think if I was in their position, I’d be the same way.  After a while, it would be really hard to care as someone vents.  It becomes a cycle of angry customer to clerk I-don’t-care, to an angrier customer to clerk I-really, really-do-not-care.  The employee numbness syndrome sets in and forget it. 

             In our store waiting in line means staring at the baby product aisle.  Aside from shampoos and eczema cream, I study the whole industry devoted to breast feeding, from pumps to storage to nipple balm.  I finally get to the counter and, of course, my prescription is not ready despite my having called it in three days ago.  As I wait, I wander around trying to bide my time.  The place looks like a Soviet-era shop with empty shelves and jumbles of unwanted products.  It’s a mess.  They lock up stuff to prevent shoplifting.  I am fascinated by what gets the protection—Tylenol, electric sinus rinse devices, and razors seem to be popular with the petty theft crowd.  Then I spend some time browsing through women’s magazines.   It’s January—diet season has arrived  Lose three dress sizes in thirty days!  Finally, almost an hour wasted and they call my name and I hurry out  of the store wishing I never have to go back. But alas….

Companies wonder why on-line shopping is so popular.  Because I never have to wait.  I never worry about the vagaries of inventory.  I can always find what I want and I don’t have to waste a trip.  It may be more expensive, but it saves me a lot of time and frustration. Think about that CVS.  Customers who are not frustrated are happy customers.  

January 4, 2022 – The Snow Plow         


 It took some time for a plow to come by.  They are saying that COVID absences are leaving the County short staffed.  Well, when the plow came, unfortunately, he took my mailbox with him.  I have security cameras now and I have a lovely video of him zooming by, snow flying and there goes the mail box up in the air, post and all.  Thanks. Just what I needed. Another home project.

January 3, 2022 – Snow Storm

            Yesterday I was raking leaves in warm weather.  Today I shoveled seven inches of wet heavy snow in the cold.  We have not had significant snow since 2019.  Ooof that wind was whipping.  My cheeks were wind burned by the time I was done two hours later.  I had a pretty good workout.  

January 2, 2022 – Is it January?

January 2, 2022 next to the cherry tree


            I don’t like to leave up the Christmas lights after the holiday is over.  I always take down everything on the New Year’s weekend.  This year was weird because the weather was so warm that we were outside with no coats.  While Matt took down the lights, I raked leaves.  In January.

            To explain, I have a sweet gum tree that does not even turn orange until well into November or early December.  It just stays green.  So I wait and wait for it to drop its leaves.  Once it goes, then I rake everything. Sometimes if the leaves fall too late in the year, I just let it go and I don’t rake.  This year the leaves fell in December. I had written it off but we had a rainstorm, and the rushing water washed the leaves into the culvert in front of our house, threatening to clog up the drains. I did not want that to backup so I went to work raking.  In January.  

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