January 20 – I’m Fickle – Part Two

            The other part of my fickleness is the “I just don’t care anymore” syndrome.  I get this a lot.  It comes from the value I place on my time.  As I go through life, I often think about where my time goes.  What do I want to spend my time doing?  If I feel that something is wasting my time, I dump it. 

            Take books.  If I do not get engaged in a book by page 100, I am not spending any more time on it.  I have stopped reading many famous books that are considered great works of art that I find tedious.  Usually the conversation in my head goes, do I really care about these characters?  If I don’t, then forget it.  If the writer can’t get me interested in 100 pages, then we have a problem.  

            I have said goodbye to numerous t.v. shows for lack of caring.  I will start watching and after a season or two, I just say, I’m done with this.  I have lost interest.  “Frankie and Grace” and “Schitt’s Creek” come to mind.   

            As you can imagine, I have no ability to follow something like the Star Wars saga.  I stopped caring a long time ago.  Sports teams come and go.  I stopped watching football in 1981 and have not missed one second of it.  Will I like the Pens forever?  Who knows?  Chances are that I will stop caring at some point.  

            Does not caring make me fickle?  It certainly is a sudden decision and my feelings do change.  But again, I have my reasons.  Why do I stop caring?   I have no idea.  I just know that my engagement has collapsed and I am moving on.  

            Matt says I don’t have the patience to let the characters develop.  Maybe.  But I have also given the benefit of the doubt to something, say a movie, and I have only wished that I had that two hours back.  

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