January 18 – Cobra Kai

            I admit it.  I am now addicted to the karate soap opera that is Cobra Kai.  I am always looking for the obscure on Netflix, at least obscure to me.  Turns out this is a very popular show among some group of Americans.  Well, they can count me and Matt as fans.  The show is based on the old movie The Karate Kid (which I am not sure I ever watched in its entirety).  Fast forward 30 some years and the show is focused on Johnny the bad kid who terrorized the Karate Kid. The Karate Kid learns karate and beats Johnny the bad boy bully in a karate tournament.  

The show focuses on life from Johnny’s perspective, what happened to Johnny after he lost. Well, nothing good. Johnny is stuck in the hair band days of the 80’s.  Matt knows all the songs.  I do not.  But it is hilarious to see this guy with a mind set of the ‘80’s in 2020.  Politically incorrect, insensitive, not really understanding computers.  

            We are trying very hard not to binge through, but we want to.  We are moving quickly through the seasons. We have to find out what is happening to Miguel and Sam and Johnny and Carmen and the Karate Kid and his wife and the dojo and the bad guy and it just goes on and on.  It really is just a twist on the soap opera formula.  We love it. 

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