January 11 – What is sleep? 

            I am bleary.  I did not get anywhere near enough sleep.  Matt is not here and that means I have cat feeding duty in the morning. They prefer 7 am.  Then I had to get to the hospital.  We waited for quite a while for them to decide if Matt could be discharged.  I napped on the couch in his room.  

            Hospitals are not running at full capacity right now.  We were kind of surprised that he had surgery since it was elective, but they went ahead.  The problem is that the nursing staff is stretched thin.  They are responsive but they come in seeming to have been running a marathon.  They are just running at full speed.  I felt bad for them.  Nothing leisure.  Just in and out and trying to keep it together.  That is how it felt anyhow.  They finally decided he could go home. 

            The fun was only getting started.  Matt was on a pill regimen that had me waking up during the night pretty much every hour or two to give him something.  I had little sleep.  Maybe three hours.  

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