December 19 – Nutrolls


When it is Christmas, I want a nutroll just like we had when I was a kid.  I am not sure what these are called in Polish.  But we made them every year.  They are tasty treats made with a walnut paste, hand-made of course, with lots and lots of sugar, rolled in a yeasted dough. 

For the nuts I hand grind them in my mother’s old meat grinder.  

I have tried using a food processor to chop them.  The consistency is just not right.  So I crank away turning a few pounds of nuts into a fine meal.  Then I add lots of sugars—regular, brown, honey.  The dough is sweet too.  I make about a dozen rolls, and then freeze them so I don’t get fat eating them.  I could eat a single roll in one sitting without blinking.  The freezer restrains me.  They go perfectly with coffee or tea.  Delish. 

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