Arthur the Guard Toad

arthur2Arthur is our guard toad.  He is just so adorable. He comes to our porch almost every night and sits on the stoop. The cats keep an eye on him from behind the door but he does not seem to mind.  When I see him, I go outside and say hello and he says, “Reporting for duty, ma’am. No intruders to report.”  (We have a constant made up dialogue with our wildlife.)  He started appearing a few months ago.  He disappeared for a few weeks and I was so sad.  But then he came back and is his old warty self.  I swear I could take his picture every day.  Look at that face!


Last night, he brought a tree frog friend who has climbed the glass storm door.  Here he is. from both sides.  He doesn’t have a name.  Yet.


One thought on “Arthur the Guard Toad”

  1. So handsome guard frog! We saw our first tree frog in Porto Rico, heard them all. You could call him (unless it’s a girl) ” Rico”. ha ha! 😀. Dianna


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