I cannot get oPrince Concert 2015ver the fact that Prince is dead. It really does not seem possible.  The last time we saw Prince was in 2015 on his Hit n Run tour. That is the sign behind us.  He put the tickets on sale two days before he showed up (get it–hit n run) so we had to scramble like mad to get seats.  Cameras of all kinds were strictly forbidden and would be confiscated so this was all we have as a record of the event.   It was at the Warner theater and we had pretty close seats.  He was great of course.

We have seen him many times.  We’ve been up close and personal in the third row, we’ve been in nose bleeds, we’ve seen him in small theaters and arenas.  No matter where the performance, he always gave us nearly three hours of spectacular fun.  Then we would wake up the next morning disappointed to learn that after the show he went to a small club and played for hours more. If we were 20 we would have known that.  But hey, we have jobs.

He really was probably the best guitar player I have ever seen. (And yes, I have seen Clapton and Santana and Jerry Garcia and David Gilmore  every other guitar player you can think of including Muddy Waters.) He had a way of playing with exuberance and because he mixed up funk and soul and rock, you never quire knew what was going to come out next.  When he jammed, he played his music, then covers and odd music references and then back into his own music.  It was a musical tour in one song.

I remember Prince from college, when 1999  and Little Red Corvette were the hits.  But I did not follow him as intensely as Matt who has loved him forever I think.  Matt has, I am going to guess, over a thousand Prince songs in his collection, probably more.  So we have been listening to him non-stop.  Years ago we took a vacation in Minneapolis and we made the pilgrimage to his club, Glam Slam.  It was the first time we had ever seen those photos booth where you stand in front of a backdrop and take a picture of your cool time.  So we took a picture.  It was kind of goofy.  I am not sure where that picture is now.  Time to go and tear the house apart to find it.

Man, there is going to be one heck of a memorial concert and we are going to attend even if we have to move heaven and earth to get there.  Minneapolis here we come.

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