Go Pens!!!

You know I am following the Penguins, soon to be winners of the 2016 Stanley Cup.  We were not able to get to Pittsburgh for a game this year so we decided to see them play the Capitals here on April 7th.  We found some pretty reasonably priced tickets in the third row right behind the Penguins bench and right next to the players tunnel.  It is not the best spot to see a game, a lot of the rink was obscured, but it sure was fun and interesting to watch the players come and go and talk and laugh and have a good time.   When you are that close the players are giants on skates and the speed is almost exhausting.

I love the new coach, Mike Sullivan, God bless that man for turning this team around.  I made a sign that said “Sullivan is my coach of the year.  Go Pens!”  I put the sign up against the glass and waited for him to get to the bench.  He walked toward me and I’m smiling and waving.  He sees the sign and kind of smiles and then gets real serious.  Yay!!!  I was so pumped.  I got a hint of a smile out of him.  He deserves to be named coach of he year.  The man is a freaking genius.

Then the Pens beat the Caps yet again.  Oh, the joy!  I never have so much fun as watching the Penguins beat the Caps.  There are always lots of Pens fans at these games and when the game was over people were running up and down the street yelling “Go Pens!”  Good times.

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