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May 3 – The Sheep and Wool Festival


This is probably one of our favorites.  This is a festival for everything sheep and wool.  The largest on the east coast.  Knitters, spinners, and shepherds.  Sheep dog herding, sheep shearing, and lots of lamb to eat. Lots of lamb to buy, sheep cheese, sheep skin, sheep, sheep, sheep.

Every year we go and pat the sheep on their head while they pant in their little pens.  They bleat, they sleep, they lie about.  Some are sheared, most are not.  They are for sale, for breeding, for eating, for wool production.  If I had the chance, I’d make sheep my photo subject of choice.  I love their color, their textures, their faces.  The personalities are numerous.  We bought lamb shanks, sheep skin slippers, and cheese.  What more could a person want?  Unfortunately we just missed the dogs showing off their skills but we did see a sheep parade, trying to determine best in show.  Here are some of my favorites.









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