March 20 – Kennedy Center

Another world play at the Kennedy Center, we saw a one man puppet show titled, “Penny Plain.”

Before the show we had dinner at RIS–trout panna cotta (Lordy, that was good) chicken pistachio terrine, and homemade sauerkraut, kielbassi, and pierogis.  One of the chefs is Polish and he concocted this.  I declared it good.

Penny Plain, or as I called it, tales of the coming apocalypse, featured marionettes all handled by one man, Ronnie Burkett, a master puppeteer from Canada.  The story centered around an old woman and the residents of her boarding house in the days leading up to the end of the world, Mad-Max style.  It was an interesting story but as I watched it, I realized I really do not believe in the apocalypse.  I do not see a moment in time when the world goes mad and armed gangs roam the roads fighting over food and water.  I don’t see a time of pandemic annihilation and panic in the streets.  So while I appreciated the cast of characters, I just did not buy into the story itself.



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