The Diving Board

I went swimming today and the three meter diving board was closed.  One of the reasons I go to the pool in Olney is because they have a diving board and I like to finish my swim with some dives.  With the three meter closed, I was facing  the five meter.  The difference between three and five meters seems small but going from nine feet and sixteen feet, you feel pretty high over the water.  It feels like you are jumping from what would be perhaps a second floor window.

I never dive from that board.  I do not trust myself to dive straight in and I am too old to be hitting the water at a bad angle.  I have jumped from the five meter though, feet first, so that was my plan.  I climbed the stairs.  Then I started psyching myself out.  I walked out, then walked back telling myself I could not do it.  Then I went back, then I chickened out again.  The lifeguard was shaking her head saying, go ahead.  I shook my head, no.  Yes.  No.  Then I said, for Pete’s sakes girl, you have jumped from a five meter board before.  You have jumped off a bridge!  Stop worrying and get out there.  And I did.  I jumped.  The water smashed up into my nostrils but it was exhilarating.  At that height, it always is.

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