Even the cat loves curling!
Even the cat loves curling!

The Winter Olympics are here.  Time to obsessively watch curling.  Curling curling curling.

Why do I love curling?  I don’t think I can explain it.  But it is the combination of a very intricate game of strategy with the requirement that the team have the skill to carry it out.  Sure, that is true of all sports to some degree.  But with curling you get to see the decision-making then an individual try to make the shot to carry out the strategy.  A great shot is a death blow.  A missed shot, any error, can be a point lost or given up.

Why do I have to wait four years to see curling?  Why can’t some sports network somewhere in the U.S. show curling regularly?  They say that this is the cult favorite of the Olympics, but maybe it would be more popular if it was shown at an Olympic prime time hour instead of in the afternoon so no one with a job can see it.  Maybe some curling and a little less ice skating.  Yes, I know.  Blasphemy.  How about one less snow boarding event.  Oh forget it.  We actually streamed it over the internet so we could see the uncut matches.

I will not lie.  I am rooting for Sweden.  I am most assuredly not rooting for Canada.

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