The Great Recipe Project

recipe bindersIt only took me three years but I finally organized all of my recipes into binders.  I have been collecting recipes for years, ripping them out of magazines and newspapers, downloading and printing them from the internet.  The collection just grows and grows and grows and I vowed that I would go through and organize them.  Tell me, how many pumpkin pie recipes can a person have?  Well, a lot if you are not looking.  I probably had a dozen.

Going through the recipes was like watching the entire world of cuisine develop in a few short decades.  Looking at the recipes it was easy to see how tastes have developed over the years, from meat and potato dishes to exotic dishes  like steak with chimichurri sauce or kimchi pancakes.  My tastes have changes and the food magazines have changed.  There is so much more variety in terms of fruits, vegetables and even meats.  The regions from which the recipes came was like a world tour.  We went from pan-Asian in the 1990’s (more Chinese and Japanese with things like miso), to South American, Hispanic and Latino, things like tomatillo sauce and moles, even Cubanos, then on to southeast Asian such as Thai and Viet which is still pretty popular.  Then it all turned back to places like Spain and Italy.  Spanish food has gotten a lot of attention in the last few years.

I promised myself that I would stop collecting and try to work through them.  Maybe I can bake a dozen different pumpkin pies and decide which recipe is best.

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