Decorating in the ice storm

xmas lightsThis was one miserable day.  It snowed, then sleet and freezing rain fell.  Unfortunately, I had planned to put up the Christmas lights.  Matt is still not agile enough on his feet to venture out into the snow and ice so we could not do our usual over the top lights this year which requires a ladder and lots of time and energy.

I decided I would put up whatever I could in two hours and that would be it.  i could cover a couple of bushes, maybe get something hung around the door.  When I started it was snowing.  Then the ice started falling.  So I had to stop to shovel the sidewalks and get some ice melt out.  Matt helped with decorating the door and we finally got it together.  I was soaked and frozen by the end.  But no matter because we were on our way for Japanese Sapporo-style noodles and a sumo demonstration.

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