January 31 – Marshguyver

Saved by boiled milk

            My family is a family of problem solvers.  We are fixers.  Give me a problem and I will figure out what to do.  I will look for the answer or I will make it up as I go along usually with a solution involving Duck Tape. I can’t help myself.  Think of me as Marshguyver.  I can jury-rig just about anything.  For example, Matt’s knee bike was giving his knee problems.  I created a knee pillow out of gel foam padding and an adjustable cover that is far better than any cushion that can be purchased.  Another example–we were putting up Christmas lights outside and I did not want to go up a ladder to hang lights in the trees.  I did not want Matt to go up either.  It took me a few minutes to figure out what to do. I jury-rigged a long pole with a hook (using duck Tape of course) that we could use to place the lights.  It worked great.  Problem solved.  

            Lately I have been trying to fix hairline cracks in ceramic mugs.  The last time I was in Vermont, I bought two very nice hand thrown mugs, but they both leaked. I could not see the crack without a magnifying glass but it was enough to allow tea to pool on the counter.  I was going to throw them away but then I thought, maybe I can fix this.  Hello internet?  Sure enough, I found potential solutions including boiling the mugs in milk.  The proteins in the milk seep into and harden in the cracks as if it is Elmer’s Glue.  I tried it and by golly it worked for one mug.  The other mug was trickier, so I bought a very thin superglue that was able to seep into the hairline cracks.  Problem solved.  

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